Orondo Brandybuck's Fanfiction

Would you like to know why Frodo went over the Sea, and what happened afterward? Fairer Than Grey, derived from a newly-discovered appendix to The Red Book of Westmarch, documents Frodo's struggles during and after the Quest of the Ring.


The Finding
Into the Shadows
Sam's Vision
Victory's Despair
The Water's Music
The Grey Havens
In Círdan's House
A Life Well-Lived
The Summons
Fairer Than Grey

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Copyright 2003 et. seq. R. Edward Crane. Please feel free to redistribute my story (unchanged and with its embedded copyright notice) and to write works based upon it as it, in turn, is based upon The Lord of the Rings. Please contact me at orondo *at* lastland *dot* net for any other uses.