You've just tried shutting down your Windows computer, and it's hanging waiting for the "app" ApUsbPnP to close. WTH? I didn't open any program with that name! Is my computer infected?

Well, it isn't infected with ApUsbPnP, anyway. That's just the name of an invisible window created by your Alps touchpad driver. You can find the string "ApUsbPnP" inside the file hidfind.exe in your c:\program files\Apoint2K folder. On my system, that file is signed by "Alps Electric Co., LTD.", which appears to be an authentic signature by the manufacturer of Alps touchpads.

So don't worry about ApUsbPnP. But do worry about malware. Please (1) Avoid downloading and installing programs willy-nilly. Every program poses a potential risk; (2) Avoid running network-facing programs (e.g., pretty much everything these days) under administrative accounts; and (3) Check the digital signatures of downloaded programs AND scan them with a reliable, up-to-date malware scanner (e.g., MS Defender) before installing them. Don't install programs signed by unexpected publishers or programs whose signatures are verified by dodgy CAs.